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Why "50 states on 50 dollars?"

Our band’s dream has always been to travel the world, share our music, see amazing places, and meet great people along the way. But when the 2020 pandemic struck, this dream began to feel further away than ever. We were out of money and out of hope. Then a crazy idea came: we would attempt to plan a 50-state tour with a budget of $50. We would put faith in the simple idea that by wholeheartedly chasing this dream, we could manifest it with the help of others. Will we pull it off? We have no idea. One thing’s for sure though: we’re about to have the time of our lives. See you on the road this fall!



Vocals, Guitar

Legend has it that Richard Becker was born with a full beard and an acoustic guitar in hand. A true mountain man, Richard’s savviness in the outdoors is sure to protect the band from any quicksand, wildfires, or bear attacks they may encounter in more remote parts of the country.

Richard left
Eric right


Vocals, Keys

The ultimate adventure-lover, Eric Hangartner could very well be blamed for getting the band into this mess in the first place. His history of homeless hijinks in Europe have well-prepared him for this tour. His charming personality and relentless play ethic might afford the band some interesting opportunities (or get them into serious trouble).


Bass Guitar

With roots in both South Africa & New Zealand, Jamie de Lange is the most traveled member of Walden. His cultural intelligence and exotic accent will surely help swoon generous strangers along the journey. His cool-headed nature would qualify him for the bassist position in any band, and is sure to keep the group grounded in even the most trying of situations.

Jamie left
Andrew right


Drums, Background Vocals

Although best known for smashing cymbals, Andrew Mendel also serves as the business mastermind for the band. While the other members sleep, he’ll be crunching the numbers for important questions like “How many podcasts does it take to fill up a 50-state road trip?” or “How many Spotify streams does it take to afford one bowl of ramen?”



Known for her trustworthiness and reliability, Vanny is the secret weapon of the Where’s Walden Tour. When the rubber meets the road, this trusty white stallion will be tasked with transporting the band across the country. Depending on how things go, she might have to play a double role as a hotel room for the band…

WW van icon left

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